Fall General Meeting
September 11th 6pm
Navigating the Digital World | Internet Safety and Social Media Safety for Adults

This is an internet safety training presented by Devin Payne with Street Hope TN Social Media Educator Jamie Fromberger, and was created specifically for adults only – parents, teachers, pastors, or anyone that works with children and youth. Adults will learn: how to monitor their teens’ electronic devices, apps and games to watch out for, “teen online lingo” and common online risky behaviors teens participate in. Participants will also discuss general internet safety guidelines, how to identify signs of online exploitation (I.e. understanding grooming, and who predators and victims are), and gain understanding of the forms of online exploitation (sextortion, trafficking, extortion, radicalization, etc.).

This is going to be a wealth of information that you will want!! We look forward to seeing you there.