Required Immunization for 7th Grade

7th Grade Parents,
All 7th grade students are required by the State of Tennessee to receive a Tdap Booster and a second Varicella immunization prior to the beginning of 2016/17 school year. Students who have not received the required immunizations may not return to school after August 19, 2016 without proof of receiving these immunizations documented on a Tennessee Immunization Certificate. 
In many cases, children have recieved the vaccinations, but have not provided the school an updated copy of their child’s Tennessee Immunization Certificate. If you know that your child is not up to date on their vaccinations, please attempt to schedule these immediately as students without proof of vaccination will not be able to be at school after August 19th until vaccinations have occurred or proof of the same on the Tennessee Immuniztion Certificate is provided. The updated forms may be submitted to the main office.  
If you need additional information, please contact our school at 539-5145. You may also email our school nurses at and for additional assistance.  
Thank you,
David Claxton | Principal