Welcome Back!  School Notes for the week from David Claxton

WVMS Family,
Welcome back to school! It’s hard to believe that our new school season is already upon us. The halls of West Valley have been filled with excitement as teachers prepared to begin what hopes to be one of our best school years to date! Please find below some information that you might find helpful as we start the year:
1. Monday, August 8 is a half-day of school. School will end at 12:00 PM. Busses will be running in the morning and the afternoon. Please check the “Bus Stop Locator” under the “For Parents” tab on the home page of Knox County Schools if needed.   
2. Our first full day of school will be Tuesday, August 9, 2016.
3. For parents bringing their children to school, please note the doors open at 7:30 AM and students will report to the gym to pick up their schedule, sit in their designated areas, and then wait to be dismissed to go to homeroom at 8:00 AM.
4. All students arriving to school after 8:00 AM will need to report to the gym to get their schedule and then go immediately to homeroom. 
5. Teacher class supply list items can be brought in all week and are not mandatory tomorrow (August 8, 2016)
6. The 7:30 AM Spanish class will meet tomorrow, August 8, from 8:00 AM to 8:20 AM in Mrs. Hauck’s room and ten be dismissed to go to homeroom. The official first day of the 7:30 AM class will be Tuesday, August 9.

7. Device deployment for returning students (7th and 8th grade students that turned in a computer in May) will be Friday, August 12 during the school day. Students and parents can watch a video of the deployment presentation at home at their convenience. The video is found on our school website by clicking on the “For Families’ tab at the top of the page and then selecting “Device Deployment”. The next step is to watch the video. Students will receive, in homeroom, a copy of the Device Deployment paperwork. Students initial the items on left side of the paper and, along with a parent, sign bottom of the page. The initialed and signed paper is to be returned to their homeroom teacher by the morning of August 12. NOTE: Parents do not need to be here Friday, August 12 for deployment. 
8. Device deployment for 6th graders and new students to the school will be Monday, August 15 (more information coming soon on how to sign up for this event).
9. Parents will be asked to purchase covers for the MacBook Pro devices this year. The specs on the device are the following: 13” MacBook Pro produced mid 2012 (non-Retina display). Covered devices are an expectation for all students. Several inexpensive options are available online. Ms. Epperson can assist if you have any questions. (gina.epperson@knoxschools.org)
10. Students will bring devices to school once we have concluded our Digital Citizenship Program. Stayed tuned for the date we expect our students to have their device charged and ready for learning!
11. All pick-ups at the end of school will be in the front of the building. Students will be dismissed each day at 3:30 PM and will exit the building to leave or wait for their transportation home to arrive. Parents are not to wait inside the building. Please encourage your student to be looking for their ride. 
12. To maintain the best possible flow of traffic, students waiting to for their ride home are to do so in the front of the school. The only students expected on the sidewalk up the hill should be students walking home. 
13. Students and parents are advised to use the marked crosswalks on/near campus when crossing areas with moving traffic.   
14. All early dismissal requests for approval must be sent to school in note form with the following information: Time of dismissal requested, student name, homeroom, parent signature, phone number. 
15. Students needing to ride a different bus home than normal will need a parent note. These notes are to be brought to the main office for confirmation by the student upon arrival to school. Notes are then given back to the student with approval marked by the office staff. Bus drivers not receiving an approved note from the office will not allow student to ride the bus. 
16. Breakfast and lunch will be served beginning Tuesday, August 9, 2016. 
17. Open house for 6th grade is this Thursday, August 11 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The 7th grade will have open house on August 16 and the 8th grade will have open house on August 18. All start times are 6:00 PM. NOTE: Family Life Curriculum will be presented at 5:30 PM in our Health Classrooms. 
The Potential of Me is WE!
David Claxton | Principal