Support Student Council

School Family,

Our Teacher’s Pet contest is in full swing, and this donation drive is being extend until next Friday. Cowboy Dog Bogie remains in the lead at this time!

Please help the animals at Young Williams by sending in one of the items on the list below.

Our items:

Large bags of pet food ( any animal)-15 points

Small bag of food or cans (any animal)- 5 points

Peanut butter- 10 points

Bag of treats – Cat or Dog(no rawhides or pig ears) 5 points

Cat litter- 15 points

3-Qt Stainless Steel Bowls- 15 pts

Animal beds- 20 points

Single can dog food or cat food -3 points

Small pack dog or cat food-10 points

Large pack of canned food dog or cat-15 points

Toy s(any animal)-5 points

Ball of yarn-5 points

Catnip-5 points

The WVMS Student Council is also sponsoring a Veteran’s Day Photo display to honor our military families. If you have a photo you would like to have displayed, please send a COPY of the photo attached to a completed information form. Forms were sent home last week. Additional copies may be picked up in the office. Photos are due by November 4th.

Lastly, our Student Council will sponsor Spirit Week from November 9th through November 13th. This year, we are combining our annual Second Harvest Canned Food Drive with our Spirit Week events. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Pride in Excellence!

Melissa M. Wells

6th Grade Science and Student Council Sponsor